Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend’s Xtvt @ fishing in front of Laman Ayah

Just syok2 during weekend (nothing else to do eceli), watching my spices girlz pancing ikan puyu just in front of Laman Ayah, ala luar pagar aja….xjauh pun. My 2nd doter mmg suka sgt memancing, agak lasak wlau badan kecil molek…Tgk gaya mmg dia xjemu2 tunggu ikan makan kail. Yg lagi 2 doter sja syok2 posing, bab nk cun mmg they are winner. Me? I stay there just to see see their xtvts. Not me to do all that pancing!! Mmg xminat pun. 


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