Monday, January 24, 2011

All the Best to You

1.    All the Best to You....wish you very good luck in your career path. Thanks a lot for the sweet memories for the past few years. We was laughing, gossiping even crying together. Not just that. We have gone through all the hard time & felt the same pain together, day by day…until each of us has make up our mind to leave all the sickness behind. Do not worry, I think you have made your good decision, as long you are happy, that’s good enough already. I pray for your ‘new life’ could be success, much more happier and keep in touch @ Daphne.

1 comment:

  1. saya sungguh sedih dgn entri ini..
    1. sbb saya rindu awak.. rindu working, sharing and caring together2..
    2. sbb dlm picas ini saya tersgt laa themogss..sampai idung penyet mata sepet..



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